How to rear a batch of calves at grass!

How to rear a batch of calves at grass!

This is a great time to rear an extra batch and benefit from all the advantages of summer time.

All you need is a paddock, and a shelter to pen them in while they learn where the milk comes from. It’s a really healthy time to do this, fresh air costs nothing and you save money on the bedding. A shelter offers protection in a storm. Using a portable field shelter like a Calf Igloo works really well.

Read more about Calf Igloo…

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Finding a practical feeding system can be challenging. Trailed feeders are difficult to get into the paddock without calves escaping and restricted feeding with large groups means that smaller calves can get bullied and bigger calves drink too much in one feed.

Using the adlib Heatwave Milk Warmer is one solution. They feed little and often and growth rates rival those of a suckler calf. For heifer calves this means they hit bulling weight more easily and big heifers produce more milk later in life.

A bit like a New Zealand rearing system with the enhanced growth rates!

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One batch calver rears 750 in pens of 30, with very low mortality and high growth rates. Read more about low mortality and high growth rates…

Feeding milk in warm weather can bring its own problems, especially whole milk. Cooling the milk quickly will help. If it can’t be cooled in the dairy then drop a plastic container of ice into the milk to reduce the temperature quickly. High cell count milk will contain high levels of spoilage bacteria so avoid this if possible. Using Preserver will help suppress bacterial growth in a good sample, but will not make a bad sample any better! Acidification also has a beneficial effect on the calf’s digestive system, helping to reduce scour. Costs 1.5 pence/L in use! Read more about our preserver…

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One way of transporting and mixing bulk milk powder for calves in the field is with the new trailed bulk mixer available through Pyon.

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There is a 420L and a 620L version, either on wheels or on a pallet. Contact us for more details...