Lamb feeder: Why Heatwave is a ‘must have’

Lamb feeder: Why Heatwave is a ‘must have’

High growth rates coupled with high standards of animal welfare are possible with the Heatwave milk warmer.

Highly productive flocks are looking to lamb their ewe lambs at 12 months old and if these dams have twins it’s a good idea to put one twin on an artificial rearing system to allow the remaining lamb to thrive. The Heatwave lamb warmer is ideal in this situation and allows a twin ewe lamb to breed in its first year. The other main purpose would be rearing surplus meat lambs off highly prolific ewes.

This simple system stores a reservoir of cold milk which is heated up on demand whenever a lamb gets hungry. This means lambs are fed throughout the 24 hrs on a ‘little and often’ basis meaning the milk is well digested and the risk of abomasal bloat is reduced. The lambs’ immunity is enhanced through extra energy provided by ad lib feeding and it rare to see lambs scour on this system.

From the shepherd’s perspective he can mix milk and attend to the machine once a day, and the milk can be stored cold, keeping it hygienic. Lambs are very quiet and contented making it a pleasure to manage.

Feeding from 5 to 50 lambs, the Heatwave lamb feeder fills a gap in the market where a shepherd wants to move away from restricted feeding but can’t afford a fully computerised feeder, however, he can afford a Heatwave. In addition, this versatile machine can be used all year to rear calves or goat kids.

Users comment “the system is so simple and the lambs look better than the ones we reared on the ewe!”

The lambs are weaned onto creep at around 35 days and kept on ad lib creep until slaughter, and the growth rates are so good they can join the other lambs going to market, they keep up with the same cohort, whereas restricted lambs always lagged behind.

Rearing lambs has traditionally been a job for the farmer’s wife, but increasingly women are following their own career and are looking for a more efficient lamb rearing system. The Heatwave allows a different lifestyle, making sure the lamb feeder is topped up at a convenient time of day, and new lambs can be introduced at any point during the day with minimal labour required.