A simple solution to Arla’s request...

A simple solution to Arla’s request...

Arla have announced new regulations for next year regarding feeding milk to all calves for a minimum of 8 weeks. This prompted several questions at the UK Dairy Day.

How will I warm up a large quantity of milk to feed all these bull calves?

How do I feed them and carry milk to them?

Pyon Products have one solution. After winning the RABDF Innovation award we now have over 3500 of these inexpensive Heatwave Milk Warmers on farm. Link: https://pyonproducts.com/shop/heatwave/


Using heat exchange technology to warm up milk as and when required makes such a difference to the feeding routine.

Of course, they drink more milk, but they grow much more quickly and are less likely to scour than calves on a restricted system as they take milk little and often which does not overload the abomasum. This is also a very welfare friendly system, just like being on mum.

Calves on ad-lib are more content and don’t bawl when you pass the pen, and they also grow to their true genetic potential. If you intend to sell them as weaners they need to look good with a shine on their coat and condition on their back. Ad-lib feeding will do that.

Moving large amounts of milk to the calf housing can be achieved without much expense using a 620L or 420L Milk freighter on pallet pockets and gravity outlet with a pipe and nozzle.

Gravity outlet

Milk Freighter from Pyon https://pyonproducts.com/shop/milk-freighter/

If you need to improve the keeping quality of your milk, particularly in the summer months, mixing Preserver with raw milk will extend the shelf life, and have a beneficial effect on the digestive system. Cost effective at 1.5 pence/L mixed

Dsc0615 1 w800@1.6x

Link: https://pyonproducts.com/shop/heatwave/spares/preserver-10kgs