Milk Freighter

Milk Freighters can be fitted with or without mixers, dispensers, and wheels and transported by forklift, 4WD, Quad or tractor. You choose the combination that is right for your system. Tank sizes are 420L or 620L

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Milk Freighter


Why choose Milk Freighter?

Where large quantities of whole milk or powdered milk have to be transported (e.g. Heatwave feeding system) this Milk Freighter is a low cost solution. It also doubles up as a milk powder mixer and can be transported using a teleporter, forklift, on a trailer bed or trailed behind an A.T.V.

Store & Thaw

Static 620L on skids

Store & Thaw

Static 620L with 24V pump with pallet fork pockets

Store & Thaw

Trailed 620L with Honda pump/mixer

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