Heatwave Teatguard

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Heatwave Teatguard


Why choose Heatwave Teatguard?

Store & Thaw

Improve the lifespan of teats for lambs and goat kids

The new Teatguard has been developed to improve the lifespan of teats for lambs, goat kids and also calves too

Store & Thaw

Teats can be chewed for 3 reasons:

  • Lambs/kids run out of milk (Management)
  • Lambs/kids are ready to wean and need dry food (Management)
  • Some lambs have “poor sucking technique” especially when taken off a ewe for some reason, and this develops into a habit that others copy.
Store & Thaw

The Teatguard will help with No.3!

It is designed so that lambs will have to approach the teat “head on” which prevents chewing with back teeth that cause the damage. It is suitable for all ages. Can be fitted to most teat bar systems.

In addition, the Teatguard will also reduce bullying as large lambs find it more difficult to displace baby lambs.


Here's our videos to showcase how the product works.